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At Home Decor Centro we believe in keeping the flame of traditional craftsmanship alive. Every purchase from us is a vote for the preservation of traditional skills. We take pride in being a platform that empowers rural artisans, providing them with a space to showcase their talents and ensuring the survival of their crafts for generations to come.

Join us in this journey to celebrate the art of handmade carpets, pottery, furniture, cushions and more, where every product is a testament to the legacy of skilled artisans. Together, let’s keep the heartbeat of traditional craftsmanship alive and thriving in the contemporary world of home decor. Explore Home Decor Centro and be part of a movement that values the beauty of  Indian handmade traditions.

We love what we do

Our endeavor is to provide you a hassle-free shopping experience. Our aim is to deliver amazing products to you which displays fine craftmanship of India. We do not consider our products to be just objects, but rather they are works of art.

What we sell

Home Decor Centro provides a range of traditional, modern and latest designs which caters to people from all walks of life. From classy carpets to beautiful bed sheets to various other home decor artifacts, we provide everything to enrich your dream home and express your individual style.

Chic Design, Quality, Durability and Comfort speaks About us

About our online store

Home Decor Centro was established in the year 2021 in order to bring the art and craft of India at your doorstep. We believe the world to be a global village. Our mission is to “Make your home beautiful” and in order to achieve that, we provide a One stop shop for all your home needs.

Our biggest strengths are Creativity, Innovation and Customization. We ensure the best quality and guarantee the authenticity of the product that are available on our website. In order to ensure this, quality check is done to all our products before it is packed and sent to you.

The entire range of products available on our website is made in India. You are supporting local industries, handicrafts and artisans when you buy a product from Home Decor Centro.

Let us make your House a Dream Home.

One stop shop for all your home needs


Our company history and facts

Established with a legacy rooted in generations of craftsmanship, we proudly hail from the city of Bhadohi, affectionately known as the “The Carpet City.” Our journey begins with a rich heritage in the carpets industry, a tradition cum business passed down through the ages.

Bhadohi, is renowned for its intricate weaving techniques and a cultural tapestry woven into every thread. Drawing from this legacy, we have evolved to become a beacon of timeless elegance, offering more than just carpets.

At Home Decor Centro, we invite you to explore our curated collection of carpets, cushions, pottery , furniture and home decor items where every item narrates a story, each design pays homage to our heritage, and every purchase becomes a celebration of timeless craftsmanship. Join us, as we bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, one home at a time.

Design & development process demonstration

All our products are mostly handmade by the artisans of rural India. We strive to grow our traditional handicraft sector.

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